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Company Profile

ABEGU joint stock company was founded in Tanvald (Czech Republic) in 1991. The registered office was relocated to Desna in 2009 to satisfy the needs for enlargement of research and development laboratories.
The company activities are focused on technical consulting services and services for the power supply industry in the following sphere of business:

  • Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)
  • Diagnostics of metallic piping 
  • Cable diagnostics 
  • Electrical safety
  • Environmental testing

In 1995, ABEGU implemented the Quality Management System according to CSN EN ISO 9001. The company includes ABEGU testing laboratory, ref. No. 1184. The laboratory was accredited by Czech Accreditation Institute in 1998. The scope of the accreditation is electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), electrical safety, metallic pipes and cable testing, electrical safety and environmental testing.

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