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About Test room/Fields of testing

Testing laboratory ABEGU, as, ZKUSEBNA, was established in 1997 as an independent department ABEGU. In 1997, preparations were made to the process of accreditation according to CSN EN 45001. In 1998, the laboratory successfully accredited by the Czech Institute for Accreditation under no. 1184. Since 2001, the laboratory is accredited in accordance with current standards CSN EN ISO / IEC 17025. From the beginning, the laboratory was accredited for conducting tests of resistance to electromagnetic interference. These tests gradually increased emission of electromagnetic interference measurements, measurement of electrical parameters of cables, electrical safety testing, testing of metallic pipes and as a last environmental tests.
Testing laboratory has its own facilities, including an anechoic chamber. Services of testing laboratory are mainly used by companies from the North Bohemia region, both for final tests associated with exposing protocol, and for ensuring testing in the development process of their products. The laboratory also has customers all over the Czech Republic and abroad. They use mainly the ability of the laboratory to travel with the necessary testing equipment and implement the required tests at the customer.

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